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Stacy Puckett Taylor
Classic Motorcar Advisor



Historical Research

Historical research includes not only the provenance of an automobile, but also its specific place in automotive history. A conversation about your specific research needs will direct both the nature of the research and the way in which it is completed.

Documentation Presentation

Creation of a documentation presentation including both the historical provenance of your vehicle, as well as the fine details of is restoration or preservation can help to assist you when presenting your vehicle. Whether you are planning to show at a concours, preparing for sale or would simply like a cohesive record for your own collection, I can help you create a presentation that will tell the story of your car.

Vehicle Inspection

Having both a background in technical   knowledge of the automobile, as well as historical puts me at an advantage when offering inspection services. I can offer not only a thorough visual mechanical inspection, but also provide knowledge as to the historical aspects important to that particular motorcar.

Rare Parts

Sourcing rare parts can be one of the most time consuming parts of any restoration. Whether or not you are looking for an OEM part or looking to have something reproduced. My knowledge of vendors around the world can help you get what you need. 



A woman with a passion for the automobile, Stacy has 18 years of experience working in the high-end classic car industry. With her knowledge of historical research, sourcing and producing rare parts, project management, and concours judging she can help you with any restoration project, potential acquisition or vehicle appraisal.



For more information about what classic car services I can offer you, please call or email. 


+1 313.655.5797


Detroit, Michigan, USA

References are available upon request.

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